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Garden Advice:

  • It is always best to lay turf in the spring, it helps it grow better and need lots of water to help it grow, avoiding sunlight, so the best time to water is first thing in the morning and last thing at night. 


  • When getting quotes always look for background information, references, websites and always have a wriiten quote.


  • If you have wet leaves covering lawn areas, make the most of the dry weather to clear them up, if left it can weaken the grass area and and also provides shelter for unwanted garden insects and pest.


  • Ramove dead moss by sweeping vigorously, this will also help clear other debris that builds up on your lawn.


  • Prune any weak shoots or suckers from your roses or shrubs to ensure a better display in the year.


  • Prune dormant fruit trees now (January) remove dead, dying and diseased branches


  • Sprinkle mulch round emerging plants too add nutrients and keep in warmth and moisture.


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